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Carlos Boozer

An American professional basketball player of the Chicago Bulls in the National Basketball Association (NBA) is Carlos Austin Boozer.

Boozer has always played in the power forward position in the court. He is not a player but a star in the field of basketball. Carlos Austin Boozer is also a member of Team USA.

Carlos Boozer was born on November 20, 1981 in Aschaffenburg at West Germany. He is a strong player with the height of 6 feet 9 inches and his listed weight is 266 pounds. He was raised in Juneau at Alaska in the America. He used to play basketball in the chilled weather of Alaska.

When Boozer was attending his local middle school, it was the wont of Boozer and his dad to play the whole season. They always played basketball. Boozer’s younger brother Charles also plays basketball. In fact, his brother has played basketball for the lowa State Cyclones. Boozer has married a girl CeCe whom he has not spent a memorable time and after the span of six years while having three kids, they divorced each other.

In 2007, it was diagnosed about one of Boozer’s kid; Carmani is suffering from Sickle-cell Disease and had to given a bone marrow transplant. He also has his own twins; Cameron and Cyden.

When Boozer was getting his High School education, he was a member of All-American High School. He remained lucky in this aspect that he was selected to play for numerous basketball programs. He has played in the St. John’s and in the UCLA.

Boozer has decided to join Duke University to pursue his college studies there. Mike Krzyzewski at Duke University was his coach of basketball and they have made their victory possible in 2001 by winning NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship. Amazingly, in the year 2001, Boozer has scored 600 points on the whole by playing basketball.

His NBA tenure moved around the three teams of NBA. In every team, Boozer has shown best feats of his life in the field of Basketball.

It was 2002, when Boozer was drafted by NBA in the 2002 NBA Draft, Cleveland Cavaliers has drafted Carlos Austin Boozer. When Carlos was in the Rookie season, he has averaged 10.0 points per game and 7.5 rebounds per game. Soon after this performance, he succeeded in maintaining 15.5 points per game and 11.4 rebounds per game in his career.

Boozer has spent the time from 2004 to 2010 with the Utah Jazz. He has established his career further by playing with more concentration and dedication. In the first season of his career with the Utah Jazz, Carlos has averaged 17 points per game and 9 rebounds per game.

Then in the season 2005-06, initially he suffered from an injury and was unable to play. When he has joined the NBA again by recovering, he emerged in a best way and has scored 20 points per game and 10 rebounds per game. From 2010 to the present, he is playing for Chicago Bulls.

From the Year 2007-2008, Carlos Boozer was twice rewarded with the title of NBA All-Star. Then, in 2008, he was awarded with the All-NBA Third Team.

His professional career of basketball also is also polished by one bronze and two gold medals. In 2001, when there was FIBA U21 World Championship, he won gold medal at Saitama. Then, in the year 2004, in Summer Olympics at Athens, he has won a bronze medal. Again, he has remarked his career highlights by a gold medal winning in 2008 Summer Olympics at Beijing.



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