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Canadian Basketball Academy

Nowadays, different kinds of institutions, organizations, associations and the like are formed all over the world to offer other people their services.

These organizations may be about saving Mother Earth, or helping unfortunate families, or teaching sports or arts, or solving political issues, or spreading the Word of God. Whatever these reasons may be, one thing is for sure: these organizations offer services to people who needs their help. There’s this one particular organization in Canada that caught my attention: The Canadian Basketball Academy.

The Canadian Basketball Academy is a Toronto-based basketball skills camp offering basketball lessons to boys and girls of all ages and skill level. Many boys and girls join the camp yearly, whether summer camp or spring camp. The children, sharing their love and passion for basketball, strive so hard during camps so that by the end of the camp they would be better basketball players.

The Mission

The Canadian Basketball Academy provides the campers with the requisite tools to optimize thier success. Different chilidren have their own different reasons for joining the camp, whether they joined for fun, or to meet new friends, or to accompany a brother or a sister, the Staff of the Organization still teaches the children the same lesson they teach to the children whose reason for joining the camp is to prepare themselves for their dream to be a professional basketball player.

The Values

The organization not only teaches basketball lessons, but also values to their students. Through teaching basketball fundamentals, the organization also teaches the students essental life skills. Through basketball, the students will be able to practice unity, specially within the group. They will be able to practice sportsmanship, by being humble when they win or by accepting defeat whole heartedly when they lose.

better shooting

The Vision

The Canadian Basketball Academy aims to train the campers to reach their full basketball potential. They aim to provide boys and girls this opportunity to learn basketball. The organization also wants their campers to teach other children, the children that are not fortunate enough to attend such camps, what thery learned in the academy, both the basketball lessons and the values.

The Programs

The organization program includes a House League(HL) for their students aged 10-18 years old. The coaches stress the development of fundamental skills, which is the most important lesson. The coaches teach the students fundamental skills in these areas: Shooting, Passing, Defense, Footwork, 5 on 5, Ball Handling, Screening, Rebounding, Offense, Pivoting, Lay ups, Balance, Conditioning, 1 on 1, and Post Drills.

Unlike the old folks, the children today are very fortunate for having such organizations like the Canadian Basketball Academy. Before, the children are taught basketball by their fathers or by their older brothers, however, if a child doesn’t have one, he is forced to learn basketball all by himself.

Lucky are the children today for they have a lot of opportunities to learn, a lot of people to help them through organizations, just like the Canadian Basketball Academy.



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