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Bulgaria Basketball Rosters

The most popular sport in Bulgaria is football followed by volleyball, sumo wrestling and tennis.

Basketball is not that known in Bulgaria unlike the four sports said a while ago. Although basketball is not that embraced by the citizens in Bulgaria plenty are still determined to reach their dream to become a professional basketball player.

Even if the citizens there do not support basketball that much and plenty neglects it, the country has still produced a lot of excellent basketball players. Let us now discuss the Bulgaria basketball Rosters.

Vassil “Vasco” Iliev Evtimov

Evtimov is considered one of the most popular Bulgaria basketball rosters not just because of the achievements that he has gained but also because his family has a big name in basketball as well. His father is a veteran in playing basketball and his brother Ilian Evtimov is also a professional basketball player. His popularity boost when he became a Rebounding Specialist.

Evtimov his first break in basketball in year 1995 wherein he was picked by the Mcdonald’s All American to play in the NVAA Division I college basketball together with the University of North Carolina team. During that season he had a little highlight in the game for he was not always asked to play.

His skills started to show when he was in his sophomore years, he led his tarheel team for numerous games until he was given an 18 game suspension due to a violation for playing overseas in a professional team.

The suspension given to him did not stop him to play basketball instead he opted to become a professional basketball player. He started playing for numerous countries such as France, Greece, Ukraine and Cyprus for ten years.

Due to his great skills in basketball he became the key player for Maroussi BC wherein they were able to won the Saporta Cup in year 2001. By this event, Evtimov became more in demand. He had played for the France National basketball team at the Eurobasket tournament in year 2001 and has played for the Bulgarian national basketball team. He became more popular because of the fact that among all the players in the world he is the only Bulgaria basketball rosters that has ever played for two countries.

Ibrahim Jaaber

Jaaber is one of the most controversial among the Bulgaria basketball rosters because he is originally an American citizen, he was just naturalized to become a Bulgarian citizen. That controversy made people to doubt in his skills but it did not stop Jaaber to do his best and bring honor for Bulgaria, he had been able to participate in the numerous success of the Bulgarian national basketball team in Eurobasket tournaments.

Although Jaaber’s talent and excellent skills in basketball is very visible he was not drafted in NBA, but still he was lucky for he was able to play for the Detroit Piston’s summer League squad from Juy 7-14 2007 and for the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2010 NBA Summer League.



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