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Brad Shieldman (Scouting Report)

by Ronald Beal

Name:Ronald Beal
High School:Marshall
Position:Point Guard
AAU:Jacksonville Crimsons
Class of:2011

Born Ronald Jerome Beal Jr. this kid is an flat out point guard that can control the tempo of a game. He has the speed and quickness to blow past defenders at ease. He uses the pick and roll offense excellent and has great court vison. His perimeter shooting can be shaky at times but with his hard work ethic he’ll develop better shooting quickly. Beal runs the transition game good, but can get rushed to make the big play causing him to be turn over prone at times. He has freakish athletism with a 38-40 inch vert which helps him finish at the basket strong. He has a strong dribble and keeps the ball on a string. Beal’s confidence is above average for his size, but can be lowered on a bad day. Overall, I believe that Ronald can be a good, solid point guard at the collegiate level.

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