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Best Team in WNBA

Who said basketball is just for men? Unlike the old days, women today share equal rights with men. Nowadays, women can do anything a man can also do.

Women can also be outstanding in politics, business, sports and the like. In sports, specifically in basketball, if there is a National Basketball Association there is also a Women’s National Basketball Association.

The WNBA is a United States-based association governing a professional basketball league for women. The leagues was founed in 1996 and the first season started the next year. The regular season starts in June to Septmeber and the playoffs starts in mid-September to October.

The Women’s National Basketball Association currently have twelve teams. So, there will be no one best team in WNBA. There are different best teams in different categories.


The Best team in WNBA according to the number of championships


The Houston Comets is the best team in WNBA according to the number of championships. The Houston Comets became four consecutive champions in the first four years of WNBA. They won WNBA Finals in the year 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000. Because of their four consecutive years of winning the WNBA Finals, these first four years in the WNBA was called the Comets Dynasty.

However, afther the four years of being champions, they never won Finals again and unfortunately the team was disbanded in 2008 because the owner put the team for sale asking $10million, and no investors stepped up.


The Best team in the East


The Detroit Shocks was considered to be the best team in the East. It is because they were consistently the team-to-beat in the East. Also, in the 2008 post season, the Shocks posted a 22-12 regular season record, which was the best record in the East.

Aside from being consistent to be the team-to beat, the Detroit Shocks had also won in three WNBA Finals. They are the next to the Houston Comets in terms of the number of championships.

The Detroit Shocks also hosted the three largest crowds in finals history. Lastly, the Shocks is the first team in the history of WNBA to sweep a team, San Antonio Silver Stars, in WNBA Finals.

better shooting

The Best team in 2010 season


The Seattle Storm won their second championship just this 2010. Their first championship was in 2004. The 2004 championship made their coach Anne Donovan the first female head coach in WNBA history to win the WNBA Championship. The season 2010 was a great one for the storms. They had a very good record of 28 wins and only 6 losses in the 2010 regular season. Inculeded in their 28 wins is their 17-0 wins at Key Arena, which is the most home wins in the history of WNBA.

The said facts about WNBA proves us that not only men excel in basketball. Women have also skills in playing basketball, as a matter of fact, the basketball players of WNBA are better than some of the non-professional men basketball players. Thus, the women should not be taken for granted.



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