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Best Exercise To Lose Weight

Is there a best exercise to lose weight? Read on and you’ll see what I mean. Being slim and fit not only gives you more energy but you’ll feel better.

Your stamina level will sky rocket, your vertical leap, quickness, everything that goes along with it will just be boosted dramatically.

So, as you know, losing weight is EXTREMELY popular subject on the internet and just about everywhere. And there is abundance of information out there and yet there are hundreds of thousands of people struggling for years to lose some weight. Why is that? Ever thought of that?

You might have figured it out but in case you’re still wondering let me tell you that it’s because it’s not in the “knowing”. It’s in the “doing”. It doesn’t matter how much you know. It’s important what you do with the “knowing”.

Do you take action? Do you follow through? Do you tend to procrastinate?

This is very complicated stuff for a lot of people. They think they have to go through pain and agony in order to lose some weight. And they don’t realize that if they happen to lose a few pounds it will only be temporarily (for the most part). I know some people who have lost weight and more importantly kept it off.

I’ve had the same problem. Even though a lot of my friends would argue that I used to be fat, because I was really not. And I knew that. But somehow, at the back of my mind I knew I could look even fitter.

I was more and I just knew that. And I lost some weight alright, by listening to the advice my friends gave me, and sure enough, I gained that weight back on. So I started looking at people who lost some weight and stayed slim for good. It happens a lot around us but we seem to overlook that.

I’ll provide you with the best advice on how to lose weight easily. You’ll soon agree with me. But you have to do your part as well. That completes the equation. You have to provide little trust and big determination. Ready? Okay, let’s move..

A lot of people are asking what’s the single best exercise to lose weight. Ahem, okay, let’s look at some interesting facts about burning calories.

Digestion is the number one “burner” when it comes to calories. No wonder when have a large meal right before we go to bed, we feel tired in the morning. Unless we get 10/11/12 hours of sleep. That’s because your body has been working all night, digesting that food.

On the contrary, when we skip the last meal at night, we feel better in the morning even with less hours of sleep. You can try that. Don’t just buy anything I say here. Don’t take my word for anything. Be critical about it. Use your head. Does this sound reasonable to me or not (you are the one asking that:)

Okay, the second burner is sex. No one can point out how many calories you’re burning when you’re having sex because it depends on you. How old are you? How much do you weigh? Are you male or female? What position you are most likely doing?

And all that, you know. It really depends. People who are more sexually active are in a far better physical shape than people who have sex 2 times a year (if anything else remains the same, of course).

So, I mean, taking care of those two things can put you in that small percent of people who have a great chance of losing weight.

And here is the ultimate best exercise to lose weight. Wanna know what it is? I know you do but the truth is, you already know that. It is what you love doing the most.

Since you ended up on my website, I assume you’re interested in playing ball. And that is another advantage to take into account. There is something you’re passionate about that is burning many many calories. If you accidentally stumbled upon this page, you have to look little deeper.

Think about it. Let’s say you love swimming. If you have to get up in the morning and run uphill, you’ll probably won’t enjoy that as much as swimming. And in 30 minutes of swimming you can burn around 350 calories.

That can vary of course but just to give you an idea, that is a lot. And it’s not just that. You want to burn calories while you’re resting. That’s the “magic” formula. You want to burn calories when you’re sitting or sleeping.

So that’s the answer. That is the best exercise to lose weight.

Find something you love. No one can really tell you. Because when you are doing something you love, it won’t seem like work. It won’t seem like pain. It would mean pleasure to you. You’d do it even if you knew it doesn’t help you at all but it gives you some sense of enjoyment.

That can be from playing basketball, soccer, walking the dog, football, tennis, swimming, cycling, biking, hiking, jogging in the morning and listening to music or just about any activity you love.

It might seem disappointing in case you were looking for the “magic” exercise that will “melt” your body fat while you sit, watching TV. I’m sorry, that is an illusion.. You have to keep active. Keep moving. Get into that mindset.

It will probably be difficult to you if you are that guy who likes to relax little too much in one day, if you know what I mean.

This stuff is crucial so that you don’t fall in the trap of thinking there is some information out there that if you can get your hands on, it’ll solve all your problems. You can lose weight for free. You don’t have to pay for all these promising products. God, I hate those. Those are rehashed B.S.

The best things in life are free. And when it comes to this hot topic, there are dozens of experts on the internet, sharing their thoughts and experience for free. You don’t need to pay just because someone put up a special ebook cover, or saved the information into a tape or DVD. Be critical.

Let this state of mind be the foundation upon your thinking about losing weight. And I hope you aren’t frustrated thinking that you could find the single best exercise to lose weight that could ‘magically” help you in 2 days.


Here are some additional 4 tips for you.

For better understanding I’d just name them here in numbers.. Remember that not one lose weight tip is more important than the other.

Drink a lot of water. You’ve heard this one over and over and that’s because it works. The water is a source of life.



It keeps the blood flow active, the metabolism going and gives you more energy. Sometimes if you have this big urge to eat something and you know you shouldn’t, then, to satisfy your hunger you can just drink plenty of water. It will calm you down. Fill your belly with that thing and you won’t think of food that much.

A lot of times we see that, when someone who’s been extremely active, let’s say Magic Johnson, stops his tempo of burning calories. What happens next? His metabolism goes down but his appetite might increase even more or stay the same. Either way, you’ll probably end up being fatter.

You’ll never succeed losing weight for good only based on dieting. You just won’t. Oprah Winfrey learned the same thing. She went on with the “Atkins diet”. Sure you know that one.

When you eat all the food you can possibly consume and for some reason she started losing some weight. But little did she know it would only be temporarily. Not only that but she’d gain back even more weight. She’s been struggling for months and months until she realized she had to exercise. Because here’s what happens. When you stop eating, you’re depriving yourself.

Your metabolism goes into static state and it tries to reserve more fat basically because you don’t provide much. It’s a survival mechanism. It “sees” that you rarely consume food and of course it has to save some fat. Well, that fat is what you don’t want. And what can you do? Start exercising.

Keep moving. Get out of your house. Go swimming. Play basketball. Walk the dog for 30 minutes. Do whatever. And get into the habit of doing. Get into this new more dynamic lifestyle. Only then, you’d be able to lose weight and keep it off.

Lose weight build muscle. You can look at some people who can eat whatever they want, aren’t particulary active and they are skinny. That’s because their metabolism is “crazy”. They’ve built that with years. Ever since they were kids.

They’ve been active. Not only that, they probably have some muscle. And that is big “probably”. Maybe not. But in case you want to increase your metabolism, the best way to do that is try things that involve weight lifting. You don’t have to train with weights. Just keep reading these lose weight tips:) Naah, just kidding..

You can use your own body. Push ups are a great way to start. Do about 50 when you get up and another 50 before you go to bed and I promise you, you’ll notice the difference. It’s a great exercise.

Basically every exercise here, on my website, even if you’re not a basketball player you can use. Just go the “Basketball Drills” category to the left and go from there.

Change your approach when looking at foods you like. The bigger part happens in the head. Not with your body.



I’m talking about the desire to eat that sweet chocolate for example. If you limit yourself to what you can eat, you’ll end up wanting that even more. I’ve noticed, from my own experience that when I have all these rules to what I’m allowed to eat, I end up eating even more.

Maybe not the first days after I make that rule but after few days I’d just shove all that food where it belongs:). Really. And after I saw that on the internet, I could definitely relate to that and that is big reason for me to believe in that. It’s true. If you can manage to stay away from sugar rich/junk food, you know, it’s cool.

But that’s not me. I really couldn’t. I’ve tried that exercise when I should look into a pizza and visualize it getting stale and “ugly looking” so that I’d want to avoid eating that. Some people claim it really works. It didn’t for me so I don’t want to be a hypocrite and tell you to do so. I only say things I’ve tried and I believe they work. All these lose weight tips have been tested by me and some others.

And finally, let’s look at some of the reasons to lose weight..

It’s in the nature of psychology to wanna know the reason behind things. What are the reasons to lose weight. Are they strong enough to convince me I should really do something. That’s a good place to start.



Well, here’s the thing. You will ONLY want to change when it comes from inner drive. Only when you’re the one who decides. If you get into a team and the coach (or whoever) tells you you need to lose some weight, the process will probably go slower compared to if you decided on your own. Because think about it…

The decisions to do something serious are powerful. The root in that word is Latin and it means “to cut from”. In other words you are saying this is when you’re deciding you’re going to look better. You’re going to be more attractive, quicker, more confident and so on.

Sure there are plenty more reasons. Here are 10 of them, and you can come up with some more on your own..

If I lose some weight, with everything else being the same, I’ll live longer.

I will be able to attract the person I’m attracted to.

I will put on clothes I can’t put on right now because I’d look silly in them.



If I lose a few pounds, I’d be able to look myself in the mirror and say.. “way to go. Now, if I did that, I could achieve a lot of things.”

I’ll have higher self-esteem.

If I can find a way to lose some weight and keep it off, I’d be able to eat all the things I want without feeling bad about myself.

If I could cut down on some junk food I’d save more money.

I’ll have more energy.

I’ll impress someone/build muscle.

I’ll be a better basketball player.

I don’t know your personal goals and aspirations and neither do anyone else. So if you can relate to some of the reasons to lose weight here, that’s cool but it’s better if you come up with something that drives you. Something that excites you.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Write down 10 reasons you should lose some weight and write them in this format. Don’t write, “I would” but “I will”. It’s subconsciously better.



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