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Basketball Plays For Young Kids

The difference and the void between average basketball plays and great basketball plays for young kids cannot be understated.

Basketball players need instruction and guidance and this is exactly why basketball plays need to be delivered during practice and not during the game. Time for gameplay and plays should have been practiced long and hard before the actual tip-off!

During the game is no time to be learning a new play. In reference to a young players mind it is important to realize that practice and repetition will be two of the biggest aspects and keys for victory in both the individual player performances and also the overall team win percentage.

The best basketball plays for young kids will be the ones that they can easily learn and practice and effectively without too many passes or team-switching philosophies.

The best atmosphere for kids to learn will be on the court especially when it comes to basketball plays. While it is also important to draw these plays upon the chalkboard in the locker room or maybe on the Dry-Ease these days the real learning will begin once the ball hits the wooden floor on the court.

Not thing speaks as loud as the sound of a basketball on the court especially when players are trying to learn the new basketball plays for young kids. Allow the children the time to stretch out and warm-up before starting any exercise drill especially when it’s a new play that needs to be learned both effectively and conscientiously.

The best way to do this is to inform the players that during this practice session there will be a new set of plays that need to be learned before the big game this weekend against Central High’s Maniac Demon basketball team.

The best way to drilling upon the importance of learning the basketball plays for young kids that will elevate the team to victory this weekend is to start off slow. Slow delivery starts off with a few easy lay-up runs and maybe some set-shots from that big-time sixth man-child coming off the bench, Willie Johnson!

These plays designed for Big Willie will get the team rolling in the right direction and on to victory this season. A great play that is easy to draw up and even easier to run is the old one to switcheroo. In this play the post or wing-player will skip pass the ball over to the man on the wing and a 25-foot easy jumper will be forthcoming.

The success rate of this play is all contingent upon the quality of athletic play by the individual players and the ability to pass the ball without fear and without hesitation. Fear and hesitation are two of the worst enemies of a basketball players mindset and something that has to be diminished from the very get-go.

The importance of learning a great set of basketball plays for young kids is that the ease of transgression needs to be applied. Young children, especially boys, need to have solid fundamentals down-pat in the game of basketball before they take on any larger, more-detailed playing action drills. Shooting and passing are two of the biggest reasons why practice needs to be extended especially after a blowout -loss to crosstown rival Jackson High.

Too many times a coach or a coaching staff lets the kids off the hook after a poor performance by awarding them with a light practice.

What needs to be done is that each evening they need to be hard run hard and put up wet and the practice needs to go from start to finish at breakneck speed so that they will know next time to play a little harder and win one for the Gipper.



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