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Austrian Basketball Players

Austria is not that into basketball, in fact they had seldom participated in international basketball competitions.

They are more fond of playing sports that is related to steep places and snows such as alpine skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey and ski-jumping. Even if basketball is often neglected in this country, a lot still aspires to become a professional basketball player someday.

Plenty citizens there especially the youth are joining clubs to enhance their skills and to have more experience in basketball. Although basketball is not widely accepted by the people in Austria, the Austrian basketball players that was produced in this country is something they should be proud of.

The players had showed that their country may not be dominated by basketball sport but they as an individual could dominate in basketball competitions.

Here are some o the Austrian basketball players whom have marked in the history of basketball:

Gunther Zajic

Zajic is considered one of the greatest among Austrian basketball players because he is a genius in basketball. He has lots of knowledge in playing basketball and he could also create different strategies immediately in a game.

This skill amazes the crowd and with that talent he gathered a lot of fans. As of now he is considered one of the most in demand professional basketball player that came from Austria. He is also known for his great shooting skills, he is a sharp shooter and has a very quick release during a catch and shoot situation. He is also known for being a fast runner in a game, with a height of 183 cm and a weight of 77 kg, it makes him easier to run.

His biggest success was when he contributed to the success of his u16 Team of UBC Gunners in the Austrian National Championship which made them ranked 3rd place.

During his professional career in the United States, Zajic had matured in terms of playing basketballs. He had learned a lot of new skills and was able to experience uncommon tactics in games which made him know how to analyze the game better.

I believe that what shaped Zajic to become a genius in the field of basketball is thru his numerous experiences in several teams. With his wit, hard work and his perseverance to learn new skills and strategies he became a legend which many idolize today.

Erik Rhinehart

Rhinehart is considered one of the most brilliant among Austrian basketball players in his generation. Due to his skills and excellence in playing basketball plenty is impressed. He has started playing professional basketball at an early age, after he had graduated from Olivet Nazarene he immediately picked by Germany and Austria to play for their team.

See! At a young age plenty wanted him to play for them that only shows that his talents is something that should not be ignored. One unique thing about Rhinehart that made him gather a lot of fans is his being friendly to them, his relationship with the audience doesn’t stop in the court alone, this quality made him one of the most notable among Austrian basketball players because he is one of the few players who have great passion in basketball and has a heart to his fans.



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