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Anthony Evers (Scout)

Anthony Evers (Scout)

Name: Ronald Jerome Beal

Age: 19

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Height: 5’7

Weight: 146

College: Northern Michigan University

Position: Point Guard

I’ve seen Ron in action and I’ll tell you, he’s definitely something to see. He explodes off the pick and roll like something I haven’t seen in a while. With his shooting ability better, he can come off the screen and shoot the ball. He also can pull up off the dribble and shoot or spot up and shoot. Beal can, of course, get to the basket and finish strong. The major thing I’ve noticed about his game, is that he is learning to play under control. His speed is unquestionable, but he has learned to manage it under control. His decision making has also improved, but still can be risky. Beal needs to work on his three point shooting more. He also needs to improve on his decision making on defense. Ron likes to gamble for steals and tends to over play the passings lanes. Overall, Ronald Beal will continue to get better because he listens and works hard.

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