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Andrew Bogut

Andrew Bogut was an Australian professional Basketball player who was born on November 28, 1984 Endeavour Hills, Victoria at Australia.

He is an athlete with interests in various sports besides basketball. Bogut also know the Australian rules of football and used to play football even. He has also played tennis in his childhood times. Later, he emerged as a star in the field of basketball.

Andrew Bogut was drafted by the NBA in 2005 NBA Draft with the overall first pick. He is playing for Milwaukee Bucks around these days. From Utah player, Andrew Bogut was second player who was drafted on number one. He always used to play basketball in forward/ centre position.

Andrew Bogut, an Australian born player has spent initial years of his life at Australia. His father belongs from Osijek and his mother is from Karlovac. Andrew has joined Australian Institute of Sport where he learnt and practiced the basketball. In 2003, at FIBA World Championship, Bogut has leaded his team and he has won the game. After this, he was known as the Tournament MVP because of his performance.

Andrew Bogut has joined the Utah University for the accomplishment of his college studies. There, Bogut has also proved himself to be the star in the field of basketball.

In the season 2003-04, he was declared as the Freshman of the Season. Then he got the chance to play in the 2004 Athens Olympics. There, he has averaged double-double for the games in this season by 12.5 points, 8.8 rebounds and 1.2 blocked shots by shooting 58% from the field. Again he was name das the Freshman of the Year.

When Bogut has played the NCAA 2004-2005 season, then he has marked his basketball career by winning Naismith Award, Wooden Award and was also declared as the Player of the Year. Then, from the year 2005 and till to date, Andrew Bogut’s NBA career has started.

Bogut was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks and in 2006; Bogut has the label of Rookie of the Year in his record of basketball. In the 2006 NBA playoffs, Andrew Bogut was selected among the top ten players. In his sophomore year, Bogut has got his left ankle sprained and was unable to play further. Since, he had played 15 games before this sprain. At that time, Bogut has averaged 12.3 points per game and 8.8 rebounds per game.

He has averaged the best record in the season 2007-08, when the career points in his record were: 14.3 points per game, 9.8 rebounds per game, 1.7 blocks per game, 0.8 steals per game and 34.9 minutes per game. Bogut has amazed everyone by scoring his highest career points and made his career high 78 times.

Then, a tragedy hit Andrew Bogut where he fell down on floor. When Bogut was playing the Slam Dunk Contest, he fell hard on floor and injured his right elbow following a hand injury too. Then, after diagnosis and medical examination, it came out that Bogut has suffered from dislocated right elbow, broken right hand and a wrist sprain.

In 2010, Bogut received All-NBA Third Team. Besides being Rookie of the year in 2006, Bogut has also won three honors in a single year and they were; Oscar Robertson Trophy, Wooden Award and Naismith Award. He has always won laurels in the field of basketball despite serious injuries and tragedies with him. No doubt, Andrew Bogut is a brave and a bold player of basketball.



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