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Allen Iverson Quotes

These are some Allen Iverson quotes I’ve taken out of his interviews over the years.

Some of them are funny, some are sad, but you can tell that, they are all from his heart.

Allen Iverson is probably the only NBA player with30 injuries. And he is still fearless and loves the game.

“I’m blessed with what God gave me. He game me talent”

“When I was going through my little thing, coach Brown would be tap me and say, hey A.I, hold your head up, it’s gonna be alright, things get better.

“If you’re like an inside person, you always know what’s going on, if not, it’s always Allen Iverson is the bad guy, the guy that can’t get along with his coach. Why wouldn’t I get along with the guy that is trying to accomplish the same thing I’m trying to accomplish? I don’t have an ego”

“We’re talking about practice. We are not talking about the game, when it really matters, we are talking about practice”

On another interview..

“We are not talking about the game I died for out there. I played every game as if it’s my last, we are talking about practice”

“I love my wife man, who do you think takes care of me, like a little ass baby”

“I want someone to let me play basketball, let me be free and not play like a robot” – (when asked, how do you want to be coached)

“I got white friends, I mean my lawyers”

“I want to stay in relationship withMichael Jackson” – (he meant to say Michael Jordan)

“I’m human man, somebody that bleeds, somebody that cries, somebody that makes mistakes. I’m real just like everybody else. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes along the way. I’ve been in jail three times.”

“I still have yet to accomplish what I’ve been trying to do from Day 1”

“If I don’t believe it, then they don’t need me on the court. I’ve just got to believe that in my heart”

better shooting

“I went through what I went through because God said go through it”

better shooting

“There’s some mean spirited people in Philadelphia, but It’s like that everywhere and I understand that, I accept that part of life. But there is whole bunch of love in Philadelphia, more love than hate in Philadelphia, for Allen Iverson”

“No way I could be the things that I’m if I didn’t practice. People make a big deal of the practice thing, because I’m mad, I’m upset..”

“My mama told me that I could be anything that I wanna be, and I literally took it like that. I just believed what my mama told me”

“You can not play basketball if you’re soft. You see me play the game hard, but you don’t see me play the game dirty”

“I always let LeBron know. They love you man, they love you right now. But please believe me. The first incident, the first time something happens, they are waiting man. They are waiting”

“All I want for my teammates is to say they love playing with me”

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