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Allen Iverson Hairstyles or Dennis Rodman’s?

Now, we know that Allen Iverson Hairstyles are all crazy and creative but sometimes we tend to forget just how Dennis Rodman’s hairstyles were.

better shooting

First, I’ll go with Dennis Rodman a.k.a “The Worm”, as he’s the older player, or the first player to play in the NBA and then I’ll go with Allen Iverson a.k.a “The Answer”.

Dennis Rodman, known for his rebounding and defensive abilities, always had this “need” to express himself just how wild he can be.

He chose to become even more popular by changing his hair color in the most bright and abnormal colors he could find. I mean, just taking a look at the court, you’ll sure as hell notice Dennis Rodman.

That’s what he chose to be. He chose to be unique. A controversial bad boy who doesn’t give a rat’s ass what everybody thinks of him. That’s what made him so special.

The following two quotes by Dennis Rodman explain the fact how freely he talked in the public..

“As long as I play ball, I can get any woman I want” and “Fifty percent of life in the NBA. is sex. The other fifty percent is money”.

Here are some pictures of his hairstyles over the years..

Allen Iverson, often accused for his lack of respect for the other NBA players as well being selfish with the ball, established his reputation by his scoring abilities and steals.

His fans love him for many things such as his true wish to win and help the team as well as playing through pain.

And here are some pics of “The Answer”..