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Allen Iverson Dunking

Allen Iverson dunking is another example of a little guy that can sky. At 6 feet tall, he is taller than Spud Webb and Nate Robinson but is still considered a little guy in basketball.

He is considered a prolific scorer more than a show stopping dunker. He dunked more in college, Georgetown University, and early in hisprofessional career with the Philadelphia 76ers. The Iverson Career Dunk Montage is an incredible display of athleticism…

He dunked more in the open floor with no defense but still managed to take defenders one-on-one and slammed over them. He has his share of dunking over forwards, Marcus Camby, Detlef Shrempf and Rony Seikaly.

Maybe not one the most exciting dunkers, he is one of the most incredible ballhandlers. He has an arsenal of moves that boarder on insanity and illusion. He elevated the killer crossover to another level. Breaking defenders ankles and driving right past them.

He not only displayed an awesome killer crossover he had all the other moves,between the legs, around the back and killer crossover counter. He will set up the defender and perform a crossover dribble, if the defender moves with him he simply crosses back behind him and leaves the defender in his tracks. Allen Iverson is the best one-on-one ballhandler.

Many great players such as Kobe, Dwade, MJ, and Lebron power their man to the hole but no one can juke them like Iverson. His quickness and phenomenal ballhandling make him special. He can dribble a football, tennis ball, volleyball and anything that has air.

The lightening quick moves leave defenders wondering where the ball went. He has it all the Shake-n-bake, dispsy doo, skip to my Lou, inny out, swivel and the x-plosion dribble. Besides Allen Iverson dunking being all over the Internet so are his moves and other websites. Punch his name into a browser search bar and three million links are found. Anything about Allen Iverson can be found.

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A very comprehensive website is, “The Number One Source For Allen Iverson Fans”. This site gives you an inside look at the life of Allen Iverson, from his shoes, and hair to his tattoos. The link to his shoe line is fun to scroll through. Since 1996, he has endorsed thirteen signature shoes “The Answer” under the Reebok brand and signed a lifetime contact with Reebok in 2001.

The eccentricity of his tattoos and the multitude of hairstyles through his career have furthered people’s animosity toward the Answer. This websitetouches on the man, Allen Iverson more than his statistical prowess or factual biography. That information can be found at,,

There are about 20,000 videos of Allen Iverson on Youtube. Videos of dunk, passing, dribbling, dancing, crying, laughing, press conferences, late show guest appearances and many others. The search can be narrowed for specific dates, specific games or specific moves.

His 48 points in game 1 of the NBA finals, his top ten plays, playing high school football, his killer crossover on Antonio Daniels, Dunking on 7 footers, his celebrity games and everything else. The, “Allen Iverson: The 3rd Degree”, may challenge his other fan site but it is not as clean and disorganized. It mimics the same content and the link AI’s game is very good. It breaks down some of his moves and has an associated video attached.

Researching Allen Iverson on the web paints a picture of an enigma. Abasketball great with numerous scrapes with the law, including assault and gun possession, complete insubordination with the NBA, characterized as a street thug that plays basketball and vilified by the press. He is blamed for starting the “Street” and “Hip Hop” influence in the NBA. How will Allen Iverson be remembered, that is up to each individual.

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