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Zaza Pachulia Bio

Zaza born in Tbilisi, Georgia, His given name was Zaur Pachulia but he changed his first name legally to Zaza which is pronounced Za-Za Pa-CHUL-e-ya.

He has two sons, Davit and Saba and wife named tina. Zaza owns two establishments in Atlanta which are 5th Street Cafe and Buckhead Bottle Bar. He studied business right from his college and attended many seminars and workshops regarding Entrepreneurship. Holds great interest in business studies but never more than that of basketball… his passion for basketball never decreases throughout his life time as basketball remains his first priority always.

He even traveled more than one country for his career in basketball. He started playing fro Ulker when he was just fifteen years old, later he left Georgia and went to turkey in pursuit of better basketball career.

His passion for basketball never declined down and he always wanted to have better facilities for basketball playing in his home country. He tried his level best by playing his part. Zaza has also been a member of Georgian junior national team.

He also like to play soccer and tennis as part time games and a great fan of AC Milan, termed pacino as his favorite actor and holds the desire to meet him one day. Zaza is a lively person with lively and creative hobbies; he likes to travel and has interests in fashion.

He also used to share his fashion tips with hawks magazine. Zaza likes to eat pasta and steak while his favorite athlete is Michael Jordan. Zaza became a hawk after resigning as free agent in 2009.

Zaza holds great records right after his entrance in the international arena. He appeared in 73 total games in his career with Ulker at Istanbul. He makes high marks by delivering fine game during all of his four seasons. He averaged at 6.0 points with 3.8 rebound rate. He helped Ulker capture president’s cup in 2002.

He joined hands with Ulker in 1999 till 2003 where he make his game prefect to super perfect. He also appeared in 29 playoff games with one start at an average of 5.4 PPG, 18.1 MPG, 4.6 RPG. His playoff highs were 16 points, 18 rebounds, two assists and two steals.

Zaza played seven professional seasons in 500 career games with 163 starts at an average of 7.1 points, 0.9 assists and 5.2 rebounds. He scored his career high 27 points, 6 assists, 4 steals three blocks and 18 rebounds. He played with Milwaukee and Orlando during his professional career.

Zaza played his last season in 2009-2010 with high energy driven from his passion for the game. It was no wonder a hall mark of his class and elegance as he put some extra energy in the court by playing the role of big man for the hawks.
He put some awesome totals in that season by making that a memorable one. He scored his career high 14 points with nice rebound rate and nice assists. Zaza also missed few games due to flue symptoms.


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