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Zaid Abdul Aziz Bio

Zaid Abdul-Aziz was born in 1946 on April 7. He was born in Brooklyn, a very populated area of New York City in United States of America.

He is a retired professional basketball player of United States America. He started his school education career from his school, he completed his high school studies in John Jay high school in new York City. Like many other professional basketball player he also started his career in his university.

He started his career in Lowa state university of science and technology located in Ames in the state of Lowa in United States. This is a great university for science and technology it has produced many great scientists and other great scholars and also some great sports players like Zaid Abdul-Aziz.

He was drafted in National Basketball association in 1968. He played ten sessions in league while he was the member of Cincinnati Royals, was an organized team of NBA. Now this has modified its name and other identities due to evolutions of many years and requirements of modern age.

Zaid Abdul-Aziz also played for other teams of National basketball association; he also played for Milwaukee Bucks, Seattle SuperSonics, Houston Rockets, and Boston Celtics and also played for Buffalo Braves.

He peak career was 1971-1972 in that session he was at his peak and was a very famous player of basketball player at international level. At the peak of his career his average was 13.8 points and 11.3 rebounds when he was playing for Seattle. He decided to end his career in 1978 when he has earned 4557 points and 4065 rebounds.

He was treated as a great player of America and he deserved that respect because he made his name with hard. Zaid Abdul-Aziz published memoir in 2006 which tells about his career and personal challenges. He is now a drug and alcohol counselor in Seattle.


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