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A little knowledge about womens basketball

In 1976 women’s basketball was listed as one of the official sports in Olympic Games.
Women’s basketball started at Smith College in 1892 by SendaBerenson.She followed the same rules in regular basketball but made some exceptions to make it more suitable to women.It was called six-on-six or basquetteand is divided into three zones where it was played by three forwards and three guards making it six players in each team.

Forwards are only allowed to stay in their front courts for they are the only ones allowed to shoot the ball, and the guards must stayin their teams’ backcourt. Today women’s basketball plays the basic five to five rules but with different size of the ball and the three point line distance is closer.

Women’s basketball is also an Israels’ pride since it has different teams making its own names in women basketball field and became famous not just in Israel but in the whole world. Like the Men’s Basketball team the Women’s team are also competing abroad and won some of the championship games.

Women’s Basketball Teams in Israel

ElitzurRamla (women) has its official name of ElitzurAchveRamla is a basketball team in Israel who’s very famous since it brought numerous honor in Israel.The team received awards as Israeli League Champion in 96, 98, 00, 04, 07, 08; winner in Israeli cup in 04,07,08 being an Israeli cup finalist in 2010. The team also got the chance to join European cups like Euroleague in 1998-1999 and 2000-2001 and became the first place in Euro Cup 2008-2009 group C they lost Athinaikos (Geece), the team also became the first Israeli to be in Europe’s championship.

ElitzurRamlawill not gain all those those awards if they have no great players. The top players in the team are Vaughn Kia as the Center, Wright Tanisha and ZairyShiran both plays Guard, Willingham Le’Coe also a Center,IvancevicNatasa and Doron Shay both Forward players.

Another great basketball team, women’s division in Israel is the Maccabi Ramat Hen. The team League achievements are Israeli Cup Winner in 1981, 1983, 2009; Israeli League Finalist -2006; Israeli League Regular Season Runner-Up -2009 and Israeli League Semifinals -2007, 2009, 2010.

Falah Shiki is the head coach of Maccabi Ramat Hen with the assistance of Rekanaty Re Noa and Glazer Ora. The top six players are Walker Ashley being the forward or the Center;Latta Ivory, PelegLimor and Gigi Shimrit who plays Guard; and Jackson Tiffany and Epstain Michal who both plays Forward. The Elitzur Holon team made the Israel a sporty country. In 1977 to 1996 the team won 19 consecutive League Championship the game is usually fought with ElitzurRamla. Yael Pelleng is one of the mostbrilliant Guards and is still one of the greatest players in women’s basketball league in Israel.
The teams stated above are only few compared to the number of women’s basketball team in Israel. Like the Men’s team the Women’s team also has import players which also helped each team to gain their achievements, but still Israelis are still dominant making it an in home talent.


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