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Women Basketball Players in France

Basketball in France is definitely a high profile sports, it is very popular due to the adventure and excitement it gives.
Basketball has many enthusiasts in the country in fact many clubs where build to feed the citizens of their hunger in the said sport. Basketball is also well embraced by the women their too, they even have a women’s national basketball team which are the ones who represents the country in international competitions.

Plenty women basketball players in France are doing good in the said sport, as a matter of fact plenty are now known for their amazing skills in basketball.

Let us discuss some of the famous women basketball player s in France:

Clémence Beikes

Beikes is considered as one of the famous women basketball players in France because it was a big surprise that she became a member of the National Team roster. She was formerly a member of a little club located in the southern part of France. She is not considered a typical player because being a point guard her favorite part of the game is rebounding.

Yes rebounding! She is a very good and competent athlete for she is very strong and quick. Because of those abilities she is one of the best defender of the team right now. Her weakness is in shooting range due to six months of not paying basketball because of a knee injury when she was 19 but right now she is practicing and dealing with her weakness in order to become a more efficient player.

Nicole Antibe

Antibe is one of the most experienced women basketball players in France who is playing abroad at the moment. She first played outside France during the 2003-2004 season with the team Famila Schio where she won an Italian cup medal with them at the end of that season.

better shooting

Antibe’s last time to play for France was in year 2005 during the Erobasket Women 2005 competition where they had ranked 5th among the countries which had joined. Antibe has a total of 193 games for France and has won Silver and Gold medals at the EuroBasket Women Championship in year 1999 and 2001.

She also has participated in one of the Olympic games which is in year 2000. Before she left France she was awarded with domesitic honours with CJM Bourges and USVO, including EuroLeague Women winner’s medal in 2001.

Edwige Lawson

Lawson-Wade is known because she is a player for the WNBA’s San Antonio Silver Stars. She had also played in numerous teams such as WNBA for New York Liberty, Houston Comets and Seattle Storm. She also played in a lot of professional basketball leagues. At the age of 17 she has became a professional basketball player already. She played in several France teams such as Bordeaux, Aix-en Provence and Valenciennes.

As of now she is the starting point guard of thee CSKA Moscow in the Russian SuperLeague wherein she continues to show her great abilities.


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