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Willie Anderson Bio

Willie Lloyd Anderson Jr. is a former basketball player of United States. Willie played his professional basketball in NBA and in other basketball leagues in the world.

Willie was born on January 8, 1967 in a city of South Carolina called as Greenville. Willie was a professional player of Forward position but in some matches he also played at guard position. He was a player of six feet and seven inches height and 190 pounds weight.

Like many other players and many other personalities in the world Willie also started his educational career from a high school.

He was a very intelligent and shining student in his school. He was a also a talented sports man during his school career. He was interested in basketball since his school life.

Willie was interested in basketball because he was fit for this game. Willie was very passionate to be a star in basketball and his dream became true in his later life.

Willie joined a college after the completion of his studies in his school. He joined university to get more advance education in his educational field and to get more opportunities in the field of basketball. Willie was a student of Georgia University. Willie played for his university’s basketball team and performed outstanding. He became a basketball star in his college.

Willie’s professional career was started in 1988 when he was selected in first round of 1988 NBA draft. He was selected by San Antonio Spurs.
Willie spent a long time of his professional career with this team. Willie was selected in 1995 expansion draft by Toronto Raptors. For next two seasons Willie played for New York Knicks and Miami Heat. Than Anderson moved to Greece to play for Olympiacos. Anderson has also played in Israel. His career was ended in 1999.


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