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Washington Mystics Team Involvements

The Washington Mystics love being able to play and perform in front of their fans and supporters.

Who wouldn’t? Being recognized night after night for your hard work is very rewarding, but what about those who are less fortunate? What about those that aren’t recognized for their talents every night in front of thousands?

That’s where the Mystics come in. The love and appreciation they have for their fans goes far beyond basketball. The team enjoys being to give back to the community and they do that in many different ways.


Women’s Health And Fitness


One of the ways the Mystics help give back to the community and raise health awareness is through the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women.

This program promotes and inspires women to make positive lifestyle changes all over the world, at any point in their lives. February 5th is the National Wear Red Day, which helps encourage awareness about heart-health risks among women.

Another great program to bring awareness about women’s health is the Breast Health Awareness Night. This night is designed to educate women on how to prevent breast cancer and raise funds for education, prevention, etc.

Because of the help of the fans, the WNBA has raised over 2 million dollars in support of breast health awareness. During the 2009 season, the Mystics and Sibley Memorial Hospital held a post-game auction that raised over $39,000 to help benefit the Sullivan Center for Breast Health.

Suited for Change is a program that provides professional clothing and career and life skills education to low-income women. These skills and clothes help increase job retention and give women the confidence to be economically independent.

Suited for Change is a no cost initiative that is only offered to low-income women by referral from others who have completed the program. The Mystics often have games where it is encouraged to bring in gently used professional clothing to be donated to Suited for Change.


Other Health and Fitness Initiatives


The Mystics are also involved in other health initiatives aimed at those other than women. Some of these programs are the Lupus Foundation, March of Dimes, Nothing but Nets, and Until There’s A Cure. Lupus is a disease that can affect many different parts of the body and the Lupus Foundation seeks to find a cure for the disease.

March of Dimes is a nonprofit organization that helps prevent birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. Nothing but Nets seeks to prevent the spread of Malaria through the importance of bed nets. Until There’s A Cure is a foundation that wants to eliminate HIV/AIDS through awareness, funding, education, and vaccinations. The Mystics help in all of the organizations is undoubtedly helping to bring a higher quality of life to many.


Youth Basketball Programs


The Mystics also take time to help younger generations of aspiring athletes hone their skills and learn from the best. For the third straight year, the Mystics have hosted a Youth Summer League that had about 40 teams of girls competing in recreation centers throughout the city and that concluded with a Championship game at the Verizon Center.
In addition to this, the Mystics also team up with the Washington Wizards to put on basketball camps and clinics to help teach and build relationships with the next generation of athletes.


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