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Wally Anderzunas Bio

Walter Charles (Wally) Anderzunas was born on January 11, 1946. He was professional basketball player of America who played his professional basketball only in NBA.

Wally was known as a best player of basketball during his career in his college. He was very famous player of basketball with a height of six feet and seven inches and weight of 220 pounds. He was a great player of basketball during his entire career. Wally started his educational career in Creighton Preparatory High School.

Wally was not a player in the start of his education in his school. During his school career he got inspiration from other players of sports in his school and started plying basketball in his school. He was very hardworking and passionate player of basketball so he got a chance to play for school’s basketball team.

Wally played for his school’s team and performed according to the expectations of his classmates and management of his school. Wally became a very popular player of basketball in his school. His fame earned in his school led him in the basketball team of his college.

He was a student of Creighton University. He was considered as main player of his team. Wally proved himself as a main player of his college’s team. Although Wally was not good enough to compete international level players. He worked very hard to get a chance in NBA to start his professional career. But he was famous at his college level in the state.

Wally got a chance to play in NBA and his professional career was started. He was selected by Atlanta Hawks in 2nd round of 1969 NBA draft. His professional career was not very good because his performance during his professional career was not very impressive. His professional career was just one year long and ended in 1970.


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