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Vin Baker Bio

Vin baker is one of the former American basket ball players, he was born on 23rd of November 1971 in lake Wales Florida state and is son of jeans baker and Rev. James baker.

His father was an auto mechanic but went on toward professional basket ball career where made some splendid shows while putting rivals in to thoughts.

He played basketball at many levels equally well; he has rich playoff history and also holds the honor of playing four all-star seasons until alcohol brought it to an end. He was fined for driving as drunk after leaving casino one night. But the alcoholism could not hide his class and could stop his potential to flow on.

He carried on playing basketball later after that little break at professional as well as local level. In fact there is associated a long playing history to this historical performer.

Baker started showing the signs of a class act from his school career where he was used to lead his fellows by making some awesome moves. He was often remained unbeaten and unstoppable once he got spark in the court. He played splendid basket ball at school as well as college level where he give tough time to his rivals while paved a way for his team to go through.

He played basketball at professional level for quite long seasons but before that he make people believe in his high value performance.

He played total of 791 games where his average was just remarkable. His average touched the heights right during his third and fourth year of his professional carrier but there also come some fluctuations but even then he could finish it at high note as his career average remained at 15.0 points per game with 7.4 rebounds and 1.9 assists per game.


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