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Victor Bartolome Bio

A former American basketball player who played in the classic times… he was born on 29th of September 1948 with inborn sills and talent for the game of basketball.

He grew tall and was well upright for the game of basketball. He played unique games and made up the history by playing marvelous basketball games. He was one of the remarkable players of his times who struggled hard toward his professional career.

He played fantastic basketball in his childhood and showed his talent even when he was too young to prove that. He was well supported by his family members as well; it was the effort of his family in fact that makes him grow like a professional. The moral and the passion that he got from his family took him to great heights. He improved his game with every passing day starting from his school career and continued toward collegiate career.

He did remarkably well during is school career and the fun continues for this person unto his collegiate career as well. He played some splendid games at his school and he could do that because of his high level performance and hard work in the court.

He not only played but learned a lot from his school career. He continued his performance toward his collegiate career when he started his higher studies at Oregon State.

He also played better basketball at his college level and this probably was the reason that took him toward the professional world. He started his professional career while playing for golden state in 1971 at an average of 0.9 points per game.
He ended his career in 1972 after playing a total of 34 games where he scored 34 points in total while his career average remained at a level of 0.9 points per game with 1.6 assists per game.


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