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Victor Alexander Bio

Victor Alexander was born on August 31, 1969 in Detroit, Michigan located in United States.

He is retired professional basketball player of America. Victor was a tall man of about six feet and nine inches and had weight of 120 kilo grams. Like many other famous basketball players victor was also played his first basketball during his school days.

He was not a very good player of basketball in start of his school career and was not much interested in playing basketball. After watching basketball and in the school environment he had raised an interest in playing basketball.

He learned how to play basketball in his school and then he passed test of basketball and was selected in his school basketball team. He played for his school’s basketball team. His excellent performance made him famous in his college and his hard work made him a main player for his school’s basketball team. He played his best basketball in his school and gave many victories to his team through his hard work and passion about basketball.

His good performance opened doors of opportunity for him and he was selected in his college’s basketball team. He joined college after his school education. He was a great player during his college career and was known as best forward player.

He also played at centre position in some matches for his college’s basketball team. He was good at forward position and perfectly fit for his position. He was a student of Lowa State University. During his college career Victor played 111 games and scored 1892 points in total.

His fabulous performance in his college team gave him opportunity to play for NBA. He was drafted in first round of 1991 NBA draft by Golden State Warriors. He also played for many other teams also out of NBA. He was retired in 2003 when he was playing in Spain.


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