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Turkish Basketball Clubs

The most successful club in the history of the Turkish Basketball League is the Efes Pilsen Spor Kulubu or the Efes Pilsen Sports club for it won 13 times in the league’s championship.
The club is based in Istanbul and Sinan Erdem Dome is their home arena.The professional basketball club is sponsored by the Efes Beverage Group.

The Efes Pilsen Sports club was established in 1976 due to the takeover of Kadikoyspor, a second division club, which failed since it encountered financial problems.

The Efes Baketball team won in the Korac Cup Championship (1995-1996), European Cup Runner-Up in 1992-1993, third place in the Euroleague (1999-2000), also third place in the Suproleague in 2000-2001, a Quarterfinalist for 6 times in the Euroleague, 13 times champion in the Turkish League, had been a Runner-Up in the Turkish league for 8 times, also a champion in the Turkish Cup for 9 times, Runner-Up in Turkish Cup and 9 times champion in the Turkish President’s Cup.

Efes’ youth program produces great players like Hidayet Turkoglu, who is now playing for NBA and Mirsad Turkcan a former NBA player. Mehmet Okur is also a player of the NBA and a former Efes’ player and Ibrahim Kutluay who briefly played in NBA and also a former Efes player.

Another Basketball club that is based in the Bandirma district of Balikesir, Turkey is the Bandirma Bandvit. The club is founded in 1994 and plays since 2004-2005 season of the Turkish Basketball League. They are sponsored by the Banvit Company and Banvit Kara Ali Acar Sport Hall is their home arena.

Orhune Ene is the head coach of the Bandirma Club and some of the notable players of the club are Can Akin, Onur Aydin, Ersin Gorkem, Baris Hersek and Bekir Yarangume.

Fenerbahce Men’s Basketball Team or Fenerbahce Ulker is the men’s basketball sector of the Fenerbahcea S.K. which is the Istanbul’s major sports club. The club was established in 1907 and followed by the professional basketball team in 1913. The team is sponsored by Ulker Corporation and their home arena is the Sinan Erdem Dome with 16,000 seat capacity.

Fenerbache Ulker won 4 times in the Turkish Basketball League, participated in the Turkish Basketball Championship with 3 wins and 4 runners-up, won 2 times in the Turkish cup and the GSGM Cup, 4 wins in the Presidential Cup, 5 wins in the Federation Cup and 7 wins in the Istanbul League. They also had the chance to participate to international competition like Euroleague, Euro Challenge and Korac Cup.

Another club is the Besiktas J.K, a Turkish Sports Club from Istanbul that established a professional basketball team wich they called as the Besiktas Cola Turka. The club was sponsored by the Ulker food company and the teams’ home arena is Akatlar Spor Salonu.

The basketball sector of the club was established in 1933 and resume in 1940 after being stopped in 1936. After that Besiktas participated in the first Turkish Basketball League and in every season except in the 1988-1989 season.

The Besiktas became the winners of the Turkish League in 1975 and became a runner-up in the Turkish President’s Cup in 1986. The team also competed in the international competition like the Eurocup, FIBA Europe Leagu and Korac Cup in 2008, 2005, and 1999 respectively.
Another basketball club that is based in Aliaga, Turkey is the Aliaga Petkim. The team participates in the Turkish Basketball League since the 2008-2009 season. Petkim Company is the sponsor of the club and Enka Sport Hall is their home arena.

Some of their notable players are Fatih Solak from Turkey, Aleksej Nesovic from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mateo Kedzo from Croatia, Aubrey Reese, Dalron Johnson, Charles Davis, Aubrey Coleman and Roberto Bergerse from the United States.


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