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Tulsa Shock Team Involvements

The Tulsa Shock is a remarkable basketball team. They have shown a great amount of grit and determination over the years and have been a great example to never give up.

They have been involved in multiple occasions with different fundraisers, charities, and community service. Many of the Shock’s athletes have and are investing their time and interests in bettering the lives of the underprivileged children in their community through organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club and the WNBA Cares.

The WNBA Cares is focused on helping children have better lives by having improved places for them to engage in sports, learning, and playing. They are determined to rally compassionate volunteers that have a heart to serve needy children in their community and improve their lives.


Cash For Kids Charity and Hurricane Katrina


In 2005, All-Star Swin Cash lead a charity event to assist hurricane Katrina victims and to support an organization called Cash for Kids.

The focus for the Cash for Kids program is to bring needed material to schools and youth programs that can help young people make wise choices and be passionate about their education. Many students can find themselves fading into the background and not getting as much of a chance to succeed in life. The Shock’s desire is to help programs help children not be forgotten and have a chance to make something great out of their lives.

The Shock has been involved in multiple volunteer opportunities that involve improving neighborhoods in the city of Detroit. From mowing lawns to gathering litter, the team led a great initiative that bettered the health of the community.


Assembly Program


The Shock has been involved in initiatives to encourage students to stay active with a 45 minute program that instructs children about nutrition, exercise, and healthy living. This assembly is a great way to improve the lives of many young people and improve their performance in school and in their home life.


Environmental Initiative


The environment is a concern for the Shock—they have an interest in protecting the planet and educating people of the need to be environmentally friendly. The Shock is going to address these interests during a future game on May 29th.


Cancer Education


Another interest for the Shock is informing women about breast cancer and ways to protect oneself from the disease. They are involved in the Breast Health Awareness program and are collaborating with other local breast health organizations throughout the area.

Tulsa Shock Achievements

Tulsa Shock Coaching Staff


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