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Trevor Ariza Info

Trevor Anthony Ariza was born in Miami located in the state of Florida. He is a professional American basketball player in National Basketball Association.

Trevor is a professional player who plays at forward position and he also plays at Guard position according to the requirements of the game. He is a very famous basket player in NBA with a height of six feet and eight inches and weight of 210 pounds or 95 kilo grams.

Many of the professional players started their educational career from a high school; Ariza also started his educational career in a high school. Ariza attended Westchester High School in Los Angeles, a city located in the state of California. Ariza played basketball in his school with his friends. Ariza also played for the basketball team of his school.

Ariza was a top player of basketball in his school. After his school education Ariza joined UCLA University for his college education. Ariza played his college basketball in UCLA during his career in University.

During his career in his university Ariza was a very shining player. He was very famous in his University as well as he was famous at State level.

Ariza started his professional career in 2004 when he was selected by New York Knicks in the 2nd round of 2004 NBA draft. He was the second youngest rookie in the history of Knicks to play in 80 games. He played for two years with his first team in NBA. In 2006 Ariza was selected by Orlando Magic where he spent only one session of his career.
In 2007 Trevor joined Los Angles Lakers. He fractured his bone in the start of 2008. After recovery he played for Lakers till 2009. After spending one session with Houston Rockets Ariza is currently playing with New Orleans Hornets.


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