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Tony Allen Bio

Tony Allen was born on Jan 11, 1982 at Chicago. and it looks from is childhood that a professional is born.

He was used to ply quite professionally in his childhood and that might have been the reason behind his high class performance.

Tony grows to 1.93 meters tall later toward his adolescence and that too made him suit the conditions and requirements fro being a real professional of basketball game. The Chicago was his fist place for Tony to take off. He has two sisters name Ebony and Dominique.

He has a brother as well who likes to play basketball in leisure hours with his brother. The son of Ella Allen never stops to shine whenever he gone for the game of basketball. Beside just a better performer in the court of basket ball Tony is best person among his fellow humans.

He has lively heart beating for the betterment of humanity. His passion for humanity was been admirable while he actively participated fro the affected people of Katrina disaster, in 2005-06 Tony also participated in the construction of children hospital.

He was a student of crane high school in Chicago and it would be rather better to say that he was a better player at crane high school as he was more famous in game than in studies. Tony stated staying prominent among the guys at the court right from the start of his game playing.

Here at crane high school he played along Detroit pistons guard and make them put better performances through his better individual performance. The thrill continues for Tony Allen through out his college as well as university career. He started his college career at Oklahoma State where he majored in education but his major contributions were on the floor of basket ball court.

Although there were inborn qualities and capabilities in Tony Allen to rise up as player but some people have played a crucial role in the building his game. The assistant coach of university of Memphis Mr. Glynn cyprien is one of them.

Tony remained a close friend of that person and learnt many tricks and techniques from him through out his career. Tony was always having great name among the players at college level; he was nicknamed as “Gucci” by his fellow players at Boston.

His current statistics of 2011 were PPG 8.3, RPG 2.50, APG 1.3 and EFF up to + 9.41. Tony has the reputation of playing a key defensive role among his team fellows as he played a defensive role in eastern conference championship Boston Celtics quite comprehensively.

It was no doubt his miraculous performance that makes Boston Celtics to sleet him in the 2004 NBA draft. He earned repute for drawing defensive assignment against Los Angeles Lakers guard. 2006-07 was one of his best seasons where he scored career high 11.5 points with 3.8 rebounds, 1.48 steals and 1.7 assist. But the season ended in rendering injuries to Tony making him unable to play for many, many games to come. The injured ligament finished his career in 2007.


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