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Tom Abernethy Bio

Tom Abernethy was born on May 6, 1954 in South Bend Indiana in the United States of America.

He is a retired professional basketball player of America. Abernethy was drafted in the third round of National basket ball association by the Los Angeles Lakers 1976. He was the member of the league till five years of his start.

He has American nationality because he was born in there in the state of Indiana. He studied at the school of St. Joseph high school. He was a good player of basketball till his young age. He was a very good player of his college’s basketball team. He was captain of his college basketball team.

His College was a very famous university of the state. The Indiana University. Indiana University is very popular university; it is also famous due to a large numbers of couches provided by this university. This university also basic training programs for students so it a very important platform for he students who love spots and want to be an athlete. Indiana university has trained many world class sportsmen specially for basketball players it is a very important basic platform for training and practice.

Tom Abernethy played for some other teams also providing them his best services and best experience of basketball. Name of these teams are Buffalo Braves, Golden State Warriors and he also played for Indiana pacers. These all teams was fully satisfied by the performance of a Tom Abernethy. Because he was too hardworking and sincere with his work and didn’t give any point of objection for his opposition.

Some quotes of Tom Abernethy are also very famous. Like one he said.” I told the younger players before the game, its a long break coming up. I said we had to give it our all. If we’d lost this game, we’d have had a poor week of practice”He is now working as a basket ball teacher at Indiana basketball academy.


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