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Thomas L. Barr Bio

Thomas L. Barr is one of the classic American basketball players who will always be remembered fro his high value performance in the court of basketball.

He was born on June 19, 1944 and born with some inborn skills to shine as a professional basketball player. He was a child with immense potential and talent to shine like a star in the world of basketball which he proves later by putting some awesome shows in the court at every level of his career.

Thomas was one of the leading basketball players of his times and he struggled a lot to make a mark among those all. His struggle toward professional career is no doubt a remarkable and formidable one. He played best basketball at his school as well as collegiate career but the main show starts from his school career.

Thomas played blistering basketball games during his school career and grew up among the leading players of school toward the later half of his school career. He was well known child at his school and well cherished guy at his college. He entered the Duquesne fro his college education but he got fame and name in the court more than in the academic sections.

He was one of the renowned players at his college career as he was often used to amaze coaches as well as the spectators through his valuable performances. He was a swift mover while having ball in the hand and was used to put some blistering performances as and when it was required fro his team.
He started his professional career in the 1970s and finished it in a year or so. The professional career was not that sparkling but it was his struggle that make him earn a place among the leaders. He played 31 games in total at an average of 2.0 points per game with .6 rebounds per game.


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