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The World Sports Festival 2011

The World Sports Festival is a major international sport event for the youth which happens every year.
The World Sports Festival this 2011 will start on June 23 and will end on June 26 of the year 2011, and will take place in Vienna and lower Austria. In this event, the youth will be able to represent their own country, and at the same time, they will be able to showcase their talents and skills into different sports.

The event will also be a perfect time for the youth to befriend the other teams from the other countries, and to practice friendly competitions and unity.

The Sports

The World Sports Festival is a youth tournament for the nine major sports in the world. The sports that would be played in the said festival are football/soccer and American football, basketball, bowling, wrestling, swimming, tennis, table tennis, volleyball and racketlon.

Since the World Sports Festival only began in the year 2008, there are still a few sports to participate to, however the organizers of the festival promises that there would be more sports offered in the festival in the upcoming years.


In the World Sports Festival 2010, one of the largest youth tournaments in Austria was Basketball. Five courts were used to accommodate all the 40 teams that participated in the basketball tournament. Some of the countries that participated in the basketball tournament are Switzerland, Germany, USA, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

The basketball tournament has three different age groups: the U18 with players that was born on January 01, 1993 or younger, the U16 with players that was born on January 01, 1995 or younger, and the U14 with players that was born on January 01, 1997 or younger.

Some of the Basketball Rules in the tournament

The preliminaries are played by the different teams where each team should play against all the other teams. Each team would accumulate points depending on their performance in each game; the winning team would have two points, the losing team would have one point, and the disqualified team would have no points.

If there is a Draw after the allotted time, the teams would be given a chance to continue playing for three more minutes. The teams would be given a uniform, which would be considered their first uniform, but they are advised to bring an extra uniform (their second uniform) because sometimes referees would let them change uniforms if the uniforms of the two teams that would play are very similar.
Each player would be disqualified if he or she will have five personal fouls or two technical fouls. If a player would be charged disciplinary foul, the player would automatically be suspended for the next game. There are special rules in the basketball tournament, and these are: one time-out in the first half and two time-outs in the second half, a 60 second time-out in the extra time in case of draws, or 24 second rule at the discretion of the referee.


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