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The Albanian Basketball League

Just like all the countries that love and practice basketball, Albania created a league for the locals to be able to play basketball professionally.
This specific league is called the Albania Basketball League. We will discuss all about the Albania Basketball League in the succeeding parts of the article.

The Albanian Basketball League History

The Albania Basketball League was formed in the year 1946, which means that the Albania Basketball League was formed first before the Albania Men’s National Basketball Team joined the FIBA. The said Basketball League was formed, obviously, because of the love and passion of the Albanians to practice and play basketball.

Thus, when the Albanian Basketball Association was formed, a few days after, the said association formed the Albania Basketball League.

The game basketball grew more popular in the 1970’s. By then, almost every city and town had their own basketball team and basketball courts. However, after communism in their country fell, almost all the basketball teams folded and almost all the basketball players left the country to play for foreign teams.

Since then, the popularity of basketball decreased and there were only few basketball teams that were left to play. After several years, specifically in the year 1993, the popularity of basketball started to increase again and the different cities re-established their teams.

What is the Albanian Basketball League all about?

The Albanian Basketball League is governed by the Albanian Basketball Association, or Federata Shqiptare e Basketbollit in Albanian. The Albanian Basketball Association is an association that governs professional basketball in Albania. The Albanian Basketball League also governs and organizes the Women Albanian Basketball League, Republic’s Cup and the Albanian Basketball Super-Cup.

The Albanian Basketball League features the different professional basketball teams in Albania. It is considered as the top basketball league in Albania. The Albanian Basketball League is composed of twelve different professional Albanian basketball teams, and these twelve teams are divided into two divisions: the A1 League and the B2 League, which has six teams each.

The Albanian Basketball League Rules

The regular season in the Albanian Basketball League have two different phases. In each phase, the team plays against each of the others twice, once in their home court and the other one will be on the home court of their opponent. So, the teams will have to play four times against each other, so there will be a total of twenty games played for each team in one regular season.

After the regular season, the four best teams would proceed to the play-offs. The number one team will play against the fourth team, and the second team would play against the third team. There will be two games for the teams, one in their home, and one in the home of their opponents, and the first team to win two games will proceed to the finals.
In the finals, the games would be played on their home, and on the home their opponents, until one team wins three games in the final round. The team that would win the three games would be hailed as the season champions.


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