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Stephen Bardo Bio

He is one of the former professional basketball players of America who was born on April 5, 1968 in Henderson Kentucky.

Stephen played marvelous basketball career from school to college level and he was one among the leaders of his age. Stephen was used to lead his fellows with splendid performances. He was most often appreciated by the coach and the captain at the start of is school career.

The game of Stephen becomes even more sophisticated as he entered in to the college career. There he put even better performances in the court and amazed many spectators with quality show. He was always brilliant in the court whether it was school, college or town basketball game.

He was used to take up the challenge with his high level temperament that grown further with the passage of time. He played a stand out career at his university of lllinois. Bardo played marvelously well during his collegiate career. It was ofcourse his collegiate performances that make him go up and join the professionals.

Stephen put some tremendous performances during his collegiate career as he scored 900 plus points with assists during his collegiate stint. He always made his team go up by playing his part in best way.

He was the part of the flyin lllini team that was among the top four in the NCCA championship in 1989. Stephen’s team qualified for the NCCA men’s basketball tournament final four in 1989. His collegiate career make him go up as he was selected by the Atlanta hawks in 1990 NBA draft.

Bardo played a total of 33 games from 1990 to 1996wher his average scoring rate was 2.2 points per game with 1.3 assists per game and 1.8 RPG. He did not cut off from basketball after his retirement as he played in France, Spain and Japan.


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