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Stacey Arceneaux Bio

Stacey was a professional basketball player of United States. He played his professional basketball in NBA.

Stacey was born on February 17, 1936 in New York City located in America. Stacey was professional player of Forward position. He was a specialist of his position and was perfect for his position.

He was a player with six feet and four inches height and weight of 95 kilo grams or 210 pounds. Stacey was a student of William H. Taft High School. During his high school career Stacey was a good player of sports, he was not a basketball player in his school. He started playing basketball when he felt this game as interesting.

When he played basketball for first time he found this game much interesting for him so he decided to play basketball. Stacey started playing and watching basketball. He made himself a good player of basketball by hard work and practice. Stacey played basketball for his school’s basketball team.

Stacey became a very important player for his school’s basketball team due to his hard work and passion. After he completion his school education Stacey started to play for his college’s basketball team when he joined a college for further education.

He was a brilliant performer in his university career. He played many matches for his university at state and National level. He done his duty well in almost all matches he played for his university.

During his university career Stacey was a star of basketball in his university. He was famous at university level as well as state level.

Stacey started his professional career in 1961 when he was selected by St. Louis Hawks in 1961 NBA draft. His professional career was very short he played just in seven games with Hawks in his first session. His career was ended in 1962.


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