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Spain’s Basketball Coaches

Spain is known in the field of football sports, they even had won recently in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
Aside from football Spain is also known in the field of basketball, they had also participated in international competitions such as in FIBA and in EuroBasket.

The success of each Spanish team is affiliated always by a coach. A coach is the one that shapes the members to become excellent and makes the team’s relationship stronger.

The Spain’s basketball coaches had proven their ability to lead the team because they were able to brag numerous championship titles.

Here are some of Spain’s Basketball Coaches:

Sergio Scariolo

Sergio is born on April 1, 1961 in Brescia, Italy. He is a well known Italian professional basketball coach. He is the head coach of the Russian Super League club in the Khimki Moscow Region. He was also the head coach of Spanish National Basketball Team wherein he had won the championship in the 2009 EuroBasket competition.

Sergio has become an excellent coach as it was developed because of his past coaching jobs. He was the head coach in Scavolini Pesaro in 1989-91. He was the head coach of Aurora Desio in 1991-93. He was the head coach of Fortitudo Bologna in 1993-97.

He was the head coach of Baskonia Vitoria in 1997-99. He was the Head coach of Real Madrid CF in 1999-2002. He was the head Coach of CB Malaga in November 2003-2008. He was the head coach of BC Khimki Moscow region in December 2008.

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By his coaching skills he was able to attain numerous achievements such as he won the 1989-90 Italian National Championship with team Scavolini Presario. He won the 1999-2000 Spanish National Championship with Real Madrid. He won the 2005-06 Spanish National Championship with CB Malaga. He won the Spanish National Cup in 1999 with Baskonia Bitoria and lastly he won the 2009 European Championsnhip.

Due to his success as a coach he was titled as the Italian Coach of the year in 1994 and named as Spanish Coach of the year in 2000 by Gigantes del Basket Magazine.

José Vicente Hernández Fernández

Jose is considered as one of most Famous Spain’s basketball coaches because he was able to lead the Spanish National Basketball team in winning the 2006 FIBA World Championship and Silver Medal in EuroBasket 2007.

Aíto García Reneses

Alejandro Garcia Reneses was born in Madrid, Spain on December 20, 1946 he is poppularly called “Aito”. He is considered one of the most prestigious among Spain’s basketball coaches. He won nine Liga ACB titles with the team FC Barcelona.


He has won all European titles except the Euroleague which they were a runner up. He had spent his coaching career in Catalonia where he was able to coach team FC Barcelona for 13 seasons and became their general manager for two seasons. In June 2008 he became the head coach of the Spanish national basketball team where he coached the team in the 2008 Olympics and was able to brag the silver medal award for they was defeated by USA national team by only two points.


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