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Solomon Jones Bio

Solomon Jones was born on July 16, 1984 in Eustis, Florida. Professionally he is an American basketball player. He is 6’10” in height.

He play as forward and centre player, as he has good height, but he plays more than his strength for this he should be thankful to his longer head and neck..if talk about his physical fitness, he is outstanding, the important aspect is his above average foot speed, an excellent sudden rush and all the quick movements he made to be examined in field.

Jones is a player who really just started playing in Division I basketball (2nd season), the other players shows intense feelings, but he is very anxious to challenge.

His hands has smooth surface and can even put the ball on the floor often and throw up it to the particular point with the high jump flow freely; it’s the performance of his shooting the ball. The majority of self evident occurrence of this takes place that he shoots an outstanding 78% from the free throw line.

Despite the fact that he done in the same way over time perceived a sense of liveliness unprocessed expertise from beginning to end of an event. Jones even now gets most of his unit of scoring awarded for success ,changing states from one to another and shot that bounces back after striking a hard surface.

As far as one knows he is a player whose task it is to protect their players forming one side in a competitive game. By the way of Jones expression, he has charm, as he plays with a great deal of force or strength, and doesn’t stop having belief in participating.

He at no time in the past or future being recognized , due to his basketball field chosen as an occupation undertaken for a significant period of his life and with opportunities for progress, so he never gives the impression of self importance. Jones plays for the least desirable team in best association of sports teams which play each other in America, the Big East.

He finished 2nd , in both there is an obstacle to the normal shots (3.0) and rebounds (9.8), and scored 13.2 points a game as well.

An unspecified number of his imposing competitions include a 7 point, 17 rebound, 5 assist, 5 block performance against Villanova.

When Jones started playing as new junior player, his average points are 6.6, 6.2 rebounds and 2.1 blocks on the year, in 26 minutes per game. He only shot 55% from the free throw line, but improved to 77.8% the next year as a senior.

At Daytona Beach Community College, Jones played his first two years and averaged only 11 points with 8 rebounds in his final season there. The University of Tampa, a Division II college was the only other school that had interest in him coming out of high school.
Solomon Jones is a man with of considerable size or extent who come into contact with a polite formula used on being introduced to someone, having quality of possessing innate behavior patterns of basketball.


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