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Seattle Storm Community Involvement

One of the main reasons to look up to a sports team is for the ways in which they support and care for their fans.

Many teams in the Women’s National Basketball Association are committed to bettering the communities in which they play. In particular, the Seattle Storm is involved in many community endeavors, in addition to their battles on the court. They support everything from youth reading programs to health programs.


Read to Achieve

The Seattle Storm is one of the main teams involved in the Read to Achieve Program. This program gives children from first grade to eighth grade incentives for achieving personal reading goals. The Read to Achieve program is an NBA/WNBA wide program to promote the value of literacy amongst the youth of America. The Seattle Storms runs the program out of the King County Boys and Girls Clubs.


Fast Break to Reading

The Fast Break to Reading Program is specific to the WNBA. The WNBA partnered with Pitney Bowes, the leader in postage machines and meters. Through this program, the Seattle Storm participates in Time Outs, which are events where the players read aloud to children in their classrooms and community centers. This encourages children to read because it helps them to recognize that reading is a part of everyone’s daily lifestyle.


Reading and Learning Centers

In addition to the WNBA sponsored reading programs that the storm is involved in, the team also takes it upon themselves to promote reading in their own specific way.

The Storm is highly involved in promoting community centers in Western Washington. The team has sponsored many fundraisers for updating facilities and obtaining important materials like books, computers and other critical resources for youth centers. The team believes that access to these learning centers for all children is of the upmost importance.


Health and Fitness

As an athletic team, the Storm understands the importance of a healthy community. As such, they are dedicated to the WNBA Fit Initiative, as well as the WNBA Breast Cancer Awareness Program. Through the Fit Initiative, the Storm promotes female health by helping them make small adjustments to their lifestyle.

The team works with local centers to sponsor Fit workshops and clinics.

Through Breast Cancer Awareness Program, the team partners with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to raise money for the cure. Further, the Storm works to spread awareness of available resources, as well as the treatment and prevention of breast cancer.


Other Community Involvements

Obviously, the Storm cares a great deal about the literacy and health of their fans. In addition to the programs already mentioned, the Storm participates in food, clothing and toy drives to help community members in need. They do this by having fans bring new or gently used items to designated games throughout the season.

Also, the team is actively involved in the Tickets for Kids program. They donate many tickets to various youth organizations so that children may attend a home Storm game. Further, the Storm donates various items to fundraising auctions which work to support local charities.


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