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Ron Anderson Bio

Ron Anderson was born on October 15, 1958 in Chicago located in the state of Illinois in United States.

Ron Anderson was a great professional basketball player of United States. He has spent a long professional basketball career. He started his professional career in 1984 and his career was ended in 2010. He was a talents player of his field. He was a professional player of basketball of forward position and Guard position. Ron was a tall man of about six and half feet height and 215 pounds weight.

Ron was a player of basketball since his childhood and his son is also a basketball player in his childhood.

During his studies in his High School Ron was known as a best player of basketball due to his talented mind and brilliant performances. During his career in his school Ron was known as most trusted player of his team. He earned many victories for his team and also earned good reputation for himself.

When Ron finished his education in his school he was admitted in a college. He was a student of Fresno State University. He was selected to play for his university’s basketball team. Ron played in many games for his university.

He was known as a best player of basketball in his university. During his educational career Ron was a star of basketball in his university and in the streets. Ron started his professional career in 1984 when he was selected by Cleveland Cavaliers in 2nd round of 1984 NBA draft.
He played only one session with Cleveland Cavaliers and than he was signed by Indiana Pacers where he spent his three years and gave many victories to his team. Ron has [played for many other teams. Ron has also played for leagues other than NBA. He was retired in 2010.


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