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Rick Barry Bio

A former American basketball player with lot of fantastic histories that he left for his followers.

He was born on 28th of March 1944 and is one of the most classic players in the American basketball history. This man holds some uniqueness as for as his basketball career is concerned and is well known among the professionals.

He world also have been remembered by his rivals for his thrilling and exciting show off in the court. He was used to push his rivals through his high level performance. Rick played at a nice average during his entire professional career. But interestingly the thrill does not start for him at professional level it was rather a continuity of his blistering performance at school and college.

He played a breath taking basketball career during his school and especially at his collegiate career at Miami. He played a marvelous collegiate career and makes his team to lead the tables more often.

He was an icon for the followers and leaders for the fellow men. He showed a way to players how to push in to the bunch of rivals and throw the ball in to the basket so successfully.

Rick started his professional career while playing for San Francisco in 1965. He took off at a nice average of 25.7 points per game. The trend of scoring high points per game and making his rivals feel the heat continued for him toward is professional career as well.

He did not proceed long with San Francisco. He was picked by golden state in 1972 and here starts his long career with golden state. He carried on with golden state unto 1978 and then he was picked by Houston. He played a career total of 794 games at nice average of 23.2 points per game.


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