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Rick Adelman Bio

Rick Adelman was born on June 16 in 1946. His full name was Richard Leonard “Rick” Adelman.

He is a former professional basketball player of United States. He was born in Lynwood city located in California in United States. He was an average tall person with a height of six feet and one inch and also had a weight of 175 lbs or 79 kilo grams.

He played for NBA (National Basketball Association). NBA is an organization in United States that organizes basketball events and concerts. He is professional basketball coach also, after his retirement he started coaching of basketball and he is very successful in this field also.

During his early age he started his educational career From St. Pius X high school in Downey located in California in United States. During his school career he was not a player of basketball. Although he was fond of basketball and liked playing basketball vary much but he didn’t play for his school’s basketball team as a basketball player.

He started basketball playing with a team when he came in college for further studies after completion of his school education. His college was named as Loyola Marymount college, And now this college is upgraded into an university named as Loyola Marymount University in Lynwood, California.

In his college he was a star of basketball among his college fellows. He was a very good player in college. He was player of Guard position and was very good to play in a professional style. He was a main player of his college basketball team.
Rick started his professional basketball career when he was selected by the San Diego Rockets in 1968 in 7th round of 1968 NBA Draft. After that he played for many other teams and as a coach he coached many teams. He is a current head coach of NBA’s Houston Rockets.


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