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Ray Allen Bio

Allen Ray is a professional basketball player of America. Allen was born on June17, 1984 in The Bronx in New York.

He is a very famous basketball player of NBA. He plays at the position of shooting guard in his team. He is a player of basketball with six feet, two inches height and weight of about 206 lbs.

He is not a player since his childhood, but he became a player during his school days and became a very good player during his college days. When studying in High School he made himself fascinated in basketball.

He made himself such a great player with his hard work and positive efforts. After his school education he was admitted in Villanova College for his advance education and to get more chance to be a good player of basketball. During his college career he made his name as one of the best players in his college.

He was in top four players of his college. During his college he played under the coaching of Jay Wright, the coach made him a strong and good player of basketball with his good and reasonable training. He won many awards during his college career and made very good reputation for himself. During his college days he was selected in to play in some important tournaments in his college.

He won most of the games he played for his university and made his university a famous and respectable institute in the state. Allen started his professional career in 2006. In 2006 NBA draft Ray was not selected.
He was signed as a free agent of Boston Celtics in 2006. After that Ray played for Boston Celtics and also for some other teams of NBA. He played also for Lottomatica Roma in during 2007-2009. In 2009 he was signed by Carife Ferrara.


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