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Rasual Butler Bio

His Full name is Rasual Butler, has a daughter named Raven. He born in a family that supports him very much to become recognizable in the world of basket ball, where it is never so easy to come up and shine like star.

Rasual lists his mother Cheryl Taylor, Grandfather Robert Toomer Sr. and his uncle Robert Toomer Jr. as his heroes. He believes that it is all because of the sacrifices of these great people that they made for him to grow like a professional.

He also used to thank his sisters to help him grow up. Rasual never forgets those great people who make him from an ordinary person to a professional and always love to spend his spare time with his family members. He is a social person with social development and betterment in his mind.

Rasual never forgot his fellow beings and he always prefer to work for community development in order to have better reforms for a prosperous society. Rasual has the honor of being awarded by the NBA with Community Assist Award for January 2007. He founded the Rasual Butler Foundation in order to get the work done on his behalf.

He also participated in the NBA’s Basketball in South Africa without Borders, during summer of 2006. Rasual also held a Health and Wellness drive game to aid the Soweto Klip town Youth Organization in Johannesburg on the 1/20/07, where over 2,000 pounds of items were donated so generously.

It is not the end of his efforts for the social work; one can say his achievements and deeds are just endless when it comes to the betterment of human population. Rasual participated in Hurricane Gustav relief efforts in Galliano as well and partnered with “Feed Children” program to help feed families in Los Angeles. Would you believe it that this man but this man also did it by hosting families at Nickerson Recreation Center for a Thanks giving food distribution.

He started his career at La Salle with communications major but he was good to communicate among the men in the court. Rasual was equally good in his basket ball arena as he was in fighting hunger and storm for his society. You can say that here he was used to storm himself.

He was declared as two-time First Team All Atlantic 10 and two times as First Team All Big Five. He finished his four year career on a high note by becoming the fourth leading scorer in La Salle history. He was also ranked fourth among all Explorers. He finished with 505 rebounds, 177 assists, 120 blocks and 108 steals in his entire 110 career games including 108 starts.

His career is full with hallmarks and achievements, he Averaged 14.2 points in 21 games and led his squad in free throw percentage with .741 as a freshman.

He was also ranked second in blocks “23” and third in three pointers “45”. Rasual lead Clippers with 145 three pointers and made his career high and established new Clippers franchise records by making 432 three point attempts which were his career high and for the most three pointers he made in a season with 145 3FG.
His career is full of achievements with nice playoff average. Rasual also appeared in 72 games “28 starts” as a rookie with an average of 7.5 points, 2.6 rebounds and 1.3 assistss


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