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Randy Allen Bio

Randy Allen was born in a city of Florida named Milton located in U.S. He was a professional player of basketball of U.S.

He was a man with height of six feet and eight inches, and had a weight of about 100 kilo grams or 220 lbs. He wasn’t a good player of basketball in his early age ad he was not very much interested in basketball playing.

In his school he saw students playing with a ball and everyone in the court is trying to put the ball into a basket hanging few feet up from th e ground. He felt that game interesting and started watching it. He got a chance of playing in the game by a friend and he played first time. He did all wrong in his first game but that game raised an fire of learning basketball into him.

He learned basketball from his school and his hard work and extreme passion about basketball made him a god player. He became a good player, good enough to be selected to play for his school’s basketball team. He did play for his school and performed great. He became a famous basketball player in his school. And after his school studies he was admitted in Florida state University.

He was his enough fame and repudiation to be selected in University’s basketball team. He carried out great performance while playing in the team of his University. He won some awards also in his University career as a best player of basketball in his University.
He won many matches for his University making his University more respectable and famous in the state. He was a good player but he never drafted in NBA but he managed to play for two years in NBA from 1988 to 1990. He played in other leagues and for other teams. He also played in Spain and Italy.


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