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Rafer Alston Bio

Rafer Jamel Alston is a professional basketball player of America. Alston was born on July 24, 1976 in Jamaica Queens in New York City.

Alston was born in Jamaica Queens and grew up over there. He was called as best streetball Basketball player due to his natural talent and understanding about basketball. Like many other basketball players Aston also started educational career with a High School.

He was a student of St. Jerome School in Bronx. He was a player of basketball since his youth. He got born abilities about basketball and was good player in his childhood. Mostly he played his basketball on streets so he called as street hero. He played basketball in his school for his school basketball team under the coaching of Gregory Adams. Coach gave him much of his abilities to that young player.

He was a bright student and shining player of basketball during his school days.

After his school education he started studies in a college. He was a very good student in his college and along with studies he was also a good player of basketball. He was a student of Fresno State University.

Alston started his professional career in 1998 when he was selected in 2nd round of NBA by Milwaukee Bucks He was just good in the start of his professional career. He was not so impressive or outstanding player in the start. He was then traded in Toronto Raptors and after some games with Raptors he was traded in Miami Heat in 2004.
On October 2005 he was traded in Houston Rockets to play for them. He then he played for some other basketball teams. He has also played overseas in some teams. He is currently present in the world of basketball and playing in Chinese Basketball Association for Zhejiang Guangsha.


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