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Rafael Araujo Bio

Rafael is a Brazilian professional basketball player. He was born on August 12, 1990 in Curitiba a city in Brazil.

He is a player of forward position but he is specialist of centre position. Rafael is a tall professional player with a height of about seven feet and weight of about 125 kilo grams or 175 lbs. Rafael grown up in Sao Paulo city in Brazil.

Rafael started his education career in a high school called as Padre Anacleto High School in Sao Paulo city. During his studies in his high school Rafael started to play basketball because he was very interested in sports but especially he was interested in basketball because he has a strong body and long height compulsory for basketball. He was well known in his school due to his height and strong muscles.

Rafael played his school basketball in his high school where he was studying. Rafael played basketball against teams of other streets and other towns. He also played basketball for his school in his school’s basketball team. Rafael was a player with born abilities in basketball that’s why he was very famous in his school.

When Rafael joined a university after completion of his school education he got a chance to play for university’s basketball team. He became a very famous player of his university after his performance in some games. He was a shining player of basketball in his university.

As he is a player of international level so he also played for national basketball team of Brazil. His professional career in NBA was started in 2004 when Rafael was selected in Toronto Raptors.
He played for two years with Raptors and joined Utah Jazz in 2006. He played for some other teams of NBA; he also played in other basketball leagues in the world. Currently he is playing in a basketball club.


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