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Rafael Addison Bio

Rafael Addison is a former player of basketball. He was born ion Jersey City Located in New Jersey in United States.

He was born on July 22 in 1964. He was a professional basketball player of America. he played in NBA. NBA is a short name of National Basketball Association, a league that organizes events and concerts of basketball in America.

He was a tall man of six feet and seven inches and has a weight of 215 lbs or 98 kilo grams. Rafael started his educational career in Snyder High school. He was a brilliant student in his school and was a very good player of basketball during his young age. He played for his school’s basketball team.

He was a main and very important player of his school basketball team due to his performance and his hardworking. He was a player of forward position and in some matches he also played at guard position.

After the completion of studies in his high school he migrated in the college, the college was named as Syracuse University. He also played for his college’s basketball team. It was the place where his talent and passion was utilized by the coach and sports department of the university. He performed his best while playing for the team of his university and was known as good player of forward position.

He started his professional basketball career in 1986 when he was drafted by Phoenix Suns in the second round of 1986 NBA draft.

During his professional career he played for some other tams also, he played for New Jersey Nets in 1991 and also for Detroit pistons, Charlotte Hornets.
He also played for teams not belonging to NBA; he played in Italy and Greece also. His professional career ended in 1997 when resigned when he was playing in Greece.


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