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Post Defense

You want to shut down the team, shut them down inside first. Make them beat you from the outside. Shutting them down on the post is where it starts and where it ends.

To be a good post defensive team you need to have good positioning and know how to play both low and high post.

High Post D

The high post is generally considered the free throw line. If a player is playing that area, as a defender, you need to play on one side of him. You need to play on the ball side and deny the pass. By denying the pass the offensive will have to make at least two passes to get it into the high post.

The high post defense is important since the player on offense that plays that position is usually a good passer and can see the floor well. Deny the ball as much as possible.

Low Post D with ball out high

Play as if you were defending at the high post. Deny the ball on the ball side or high side making harder to drop it in low. Always have an arm extended and in the passing lane and have your upper body against the opponent so you can feel where he is going and still be watching the ball.

Low Post D ball down low

If an offensive player starts to post up looking for the ball you need to try and get in front of him and deny the ball, if he is an overly dominant post up player and you do not want the ball throw down low at any cost. If this cannot be done then get a wide stance and do not let him push you into the lane any farther than you already may be.

But getting position is the key. The best position is to play on the ball side denying a pass to him and rotating as the ball is passed by the offense. Anticipate what your opponent will do, beat him to the spot.

If he has posted up low on the box for three consecutive times, beat him there the fourth time and do not let him post up low. The farther he is away from the basket the less of a threat he is to you and your teammates.

Low Post and you are out of position

If you are out of position on the low post and you have to completely front your opponent you need to ask for weak side help and try and play as “tall” as possible. But as quickly as you can, try and get back to the ball side or high side so you are in better position.
Remember if a shot were to be taken and you were fronting the player, he is in better rebounding position than you are. Fronting should only be temporary and only if you absolutely do not want the player to get the ball or he has taken you out of position.


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