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Portuguese Basketball Players for WNBA

The Portuguese really show to everybody that they are mighty and speedy when it comes to handling the sport basketball.
The women division proved that the men are not only one who are capable of extreme moves in basketball, also the women can. And as Portugal gain achievements in the national, one of basketball player of the Woman Basketball Team in Portugal, made its momentous introduction on the Woman National Basketball Association or WNBA.

The lady is no other than Ticha Penicheiro or in real name as Patricia Nunes Penicheiro. She was born on the 18th day of September year 1974 and was born at Figuera da Foz, Portugal. Penicheiro came from a family that plays well the sport basketball. Her father was a former basketball player and is coaching basketball in Portugal. Moreover, his older brother is also a part of the Portugal national basketball team.

Even before Ticha Penicheiro made her entry to the WNBA, she already has received lots of awards and accomplishments. During her teenage life she was already been a member of different professional clubs.

She was known as a real and good player of basketball when she studied at Old Dominion University where she took the course of Communication and Interdisciplinary in studies. Her schoolmates find her even more eye-catching and amazing when she helped the Sacramento Monarchs to lead in the NCAA Championship during the year 1997. In that event, Penicheiro was termed as the “steal leader” since she steals 591 times during the games conducted in her university. The Colonial Athletic Association also ranked her as the All-time leader in both steals and assists.

Tina Penicheiro as a four-time All CAA honoree didn’t stop from gathering achievements. She was also the 2nd winner in Lifetime/ Wade Trophy and named as the Conference Player of the Year from years 1995-1997. It was Year 1994-1995 when she was termed as the university’s rookie. On the year 1998, she graduated from her course.

After graduation, her WNBA all-star life starts. She was first participated in the Sacramento Monarchs as a rookie. During her first time ever with the team, she has already bagged the 3rd Rookie of the Year Award. Later that year, she was ranked as the First-Team player. And after 2 years that is on the year 2001 she became a member of the WNBA’s second team. Penicheiro was also inducted in the Sports Hall of Fame during the year 2006 in her university.

Tina Penicheiro is indeed a very good, amazing and a very speedy and incredible basketball player. As a Portuguese, she raised her country to be well-known due to her very uncountable awards and games hold. Tina Penicheiro was once then again termed as the Leader in Assist and Holds.
The greatest moment that happened on WNBA is the first ever winning of the Sacramento Monarchs as Champion, and Tina Penicheiro is a part of it. Furthermore, Penicheiro also loves to collect watches and clothes. She is also a big-hearted individual since she supports the ovarian cancer foundation.


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