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Peter Aluma Bio

Peter Aluma was born on 23rd April 1973. He was born in Lagos. Peter was a professional basketball player of Nigeria.

He was a tall man of about seven feet height. Peter was very much involved in watching and playing basketball in the streets from his very young age.

He was a very good student in his school life and along with the studies he was a good sports man also. He was a very good basketball player in his very early age and was known as best player in the history of school in which he studied. He won many of the games he played for his school. He was also involved in the street basketball along with playing for his school basketball team.

He was known as main player of his school basketball team and was also known as very important for his team because he was a hardworking and tough player from the start of his educational career. He made a good name and reputation when he was studying in his school.

He was also a very good basketball player when he played for his street teams. His reputation and goodwill made a chance for himself to play in the team of basketball of his college. He was a student of Liberty University in Virginia.

He made his name as an important player for his team and also made his name as best player in his university. He was a star player in his university and was also known as best player in his college career.
His was player of Sacramento Kings a team of NBA. He was also a very good player of basketball during his professional career. After hi career he was also involved in many extra activities of NBA and was called a star of basketball. During his professional career he was called as best player of basketball.


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