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Notable Players of Russia

USA, as we all know is the leading team in basketball maybe because of the fact that basketball originated there which made them have more advantage than other countries but it is not an argument too that every country gives a good fight in every tournament.
Every team in any country gives their best in every competition and that every country has players that excel in basketball that is just waiting to be discovered.

There are a lot of citizens in Russia who are aspiring to be professional players someday. Due to the rise in number of professional basketball player aspirants the government decided to build associations to support their hobby.

The government’s decision and efforts has definitely paid off for numerous notable players of Russia was produced in a short span of time.

Let us now discuss some of the notable players of Russia:

Jon Robert Holden

Holden was considered one of the notable players of Russia because of his contribution in his teams in order to become victorious. He was in fact named as A Player of the Year in the 2003 Russian SuperLeague and has earned an Import Honorable Mention during the 2002 Eurobasket All-Europe Rankings.

His very highlight in his career was in year 2007 FIBA European Championship against Spain where he was able to make a shot during a 2 seconds time remaining in the game that was able to make them be the champion of the tournament that year. That particular event made him gain more fans because and in fact that event made him be more visible in international games.
In his early career he had played in several teams which had made him be more skillful and well experienced basketball. Some of the teams that he was able to play includes: Latvian League, Belgian League, Greek League and Russian Super League. It is an amazing fact that he has won national championships in every team that he joined which seldom happens to basketball players.

better shooting

Rebecca Lynn “Becky” Hammon

During Hammon’s early years in basketball it is quite surprising that her skills are very much visible and due to her charisma together with an outstanding ability her popularity did not just spread in Russia alone but in also around the world.

Her ability was also rewarded with numerous awards such as Colorado Sprortswoman of the year and WAC Mountain Division player of the year. One of her biggest contribution in her early years of career in basketball was when she was able to lead her team to the NCAA Tournament after winning the tournament with a score of 33-3.
Hammon being a current player of San Antonio Silver Stars of the WNBA made her one of the most notable players of Russia. She was first drafted in WNBA in year 2007, during that year she was able to show her worth as being part of WNBA by making high average of 18.8 ppg and 5.0 apg in that season.

Her popularity boost more when she was nicknamed “Big Shot Becky” because of her capability to do hit shots in clutch moments, this move in fact is her trademark.


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