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Norton Barnhill Bio

A former American basketball player who make a mark in the history… He was born on the 15th of July 1953 and carried from there to become a real time star of the basketball world.

He was one of the best of his times who play sparkling basketball before making his entry in the professional world. He was one of the fierce campaigners of his era who played by pushing the rivals back. He was a force for his time, a real time weapon to crush the opponent.

He was used to generate so much heat with his blazing game. He often makes things happen for his side by playing his part marvelously. He played wonderful basketball right from his childhood even when he was not having that much comprehension of the professional basketball.

The role of his inmates is of course vital in making him grow toward the professionalism but his zeal and zenith can not just be overlooked in this regard. He was well groomed by his family and was well trained to become a professional man in the court of basketball.

Norton played basketball in fabulous way from the start of his school career. It could only happen for him because of his early grooming. He showed his learnt skills by scoring high during his school career. He carried on his passion and love for the game to his college career. He played terrific games during his stint at Washington State.
He studied there but played even better than that. His performance during his collegiate career makes him go onwards as he was selected by Seattle in 1976-77. He played four games during that season where he scored 4 points in total. He although played a short career with Seattle but he played lot of wonderful games before that short stint with Seattle.


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